Things You Didn’t Know About the Big Brother House

Big Brother is one of the most popular—and longest running—reality TV shows still on the air. The show’s premise is fairly simple: a group of people are brought together to live in the Big Brother House, and each week they participant in competitions to compete for various privileges in the house, such as the power of Head of Household, the power of Veto, and special treats or prizes.

Big Brother TV Show HostMost fans of the show become familiar with each season’s new house guests throughout the season, but there is one constant in the show that is greatly overlooked: the house itself! Without the Big Brother house, the show as we know it simply wouldn’t exist. Let’s take a closer look at some surprising things you probably didn’t know about the Big Brother house.

The house is surrounded by some interesting wild life

Fans of the show will no doubt remember the clips of a snake slithering about on one of the Big Brother surveillance cameras! The snake was quickly removed by a professional snake handler, thankfully before it made its way to any house guests. What fans likely don’t know is that the snake–which was a carpet python–is often found in the area around the Big Brother house, along with other animals such as possums.

There are cameras in the bathroom

Big Brother House BedroomMost viewers assume that there legally can’t be cameras in the bathroom of the Big Brother house, but the opposite is true! There must be surveillance in the bathrooms in case of emergency situations. However, the bathroom cameras are cut off if the person enters for a—well, bathroom related purpose! Recording is only done if more than one person enters the bathroom in order to do something related to the Big Brother competition, and is not using the bathroom for personal purposes.

Big Brother cleans the house—in some cases

Big Brother on TVIt’s up to the house guests to keep the Big Brother house tidy every week. Picking up trash, putting things away, doing dishes, sweeping, making up their beds—all of these things are up to the guests. But every week, Big Brother sends in a cleaning crew to clean up anything that can’t be done with regular household cleaning tools. If the house has a pool—which it has had in some seasons—that is also professionally cleaned on a regular basis.
After competitions, special cleaning crews are brought in to clean up the Big Brother yard.

The grass in the yard is fake

Big Brother YardSpeaking of the yard: all of the grass in the Big Brother backyard is fake! The reason for this is very practical. Real grass, and a real lawn, would quickly become ripped up and damaged during the weekly competitions. This would mean that the Big Brother team would have to hire professional landscapers to come in and fix the lawn every week! To avoid the expense and hassle, high quality fake grass was installed in the place of the real deal. Want to keep up with all the current episodes of this awesome TV show? You can stream this and other great television shows when you subscribe to one of the Charter Spectrum Internet Plans right here.